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Welcome to the Australasian Golf Academy

Excellence in Golf & Eductation

AGA offers students a range of excellent nationally accredited Australian qualifications and programs recognised for their excellence by the golf industry worldwide.
Those wishing to undertake formal qualifications can choose the Certificate II or III in Sport (Career Oriented Participation) or Diploma of Sport (Development). These nationally accredited qualifications designed to meet the needs of the sporting Professionals.

Every golfer wants to improve

A range of short and long term programs are also available for those who wish -to concentrate solely onimproving their golf skills. These can also be combined with English tuition. Every golfer wants to improve and AGA is committed to developing those talents that need improving. We may not be able to make you a great golfer but we guarantee tomake you a better golfer, and we promise the warmest of welcomes to all students in the hope that they will learn to love golf as muchas we do.

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